Casgliadau Celf Arlein

San Giorgio Maggiore yn y Gwyll

MONET, Claude (1840 - 1926)

San Giorgio Maggiore yn y Gwyll

Dyddiad: 1908

Cyfrwng: olew ar gynfas

Maint: 65.2 x 92.4 cm

Derbyniwyd: 1952; Cymynrodd; Gwendoline Davies

Rhif Derbynoli: NMW A 2485

Casgliad: Casgliad y Chwiorydd Davies

Golygfa o ynys San Giorgio gyda'i mynachlog, wedi ei pheintio o ben de-ddwyreiniol Fenis. Ar y dde bron na allwn weld toeau Santa Maria Salute a cheg y Gamlas Fawr. Bob nos tua diwedd mis Tachwedd 1908 byddai Monet a'i wraig yn mynd ar daith mewn gondola i fwynhau'r 'machlud gwych sy'n unigryw yn y byd'. Prynwyd y gwaith hwn gan Gwendoline Davies ym 1912, yn syth o arddangosfa Monet ym Mharis o'i olygfeydd o Fenis.


Shunji Funaki
30 Mawrth 2017, 16:47
Seventy works National Museum Cardiff owns will be shown at a gallery in Hiroshima from 1st April through 28th May. One of them is "San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight". In addition, Rossetti's "Fair Rosamund" will be on display. It is interesting to note that he was a poet.

Sara Huws Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
6 Chwefror 2017, 12:18

Hi there Tony

Further to my earlier comment, I can confirm that San Giorgio Maggiore in Twilight is off display for conservation work at the moment, and is then part of the 6 venue Japan tour between March 2017 and June 2018. Once it is back from touring, the aim will be to redisplay it here in Cardiff.

Best wishes,


Sara Huws Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
6 Chwefror 2017, 10:28

Hi there Tony,

Thanks for your enquiry. I will check with the Department of Art and get back to you.

Best wishes,

Digital Team

Tony Jackson
3 Chwefror 2017, 16:25
I read in another comment that the Monet painting "San Giorgio di Maggiore by Twilight" is on an international tour and will not be back in the museum until mid 2018. Can you tell me anything about this tour? This is my favorite painting and I would love to see it if possible. Thank you for your assistance.
Amgueddfa Cymru
2 Rhagfyr 2016, 09:47
Dear Natalie P,
Thank for your enquiry - Unfortunately San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight will not be on display on 4 January 2017. It is part of an international tour and will not be back on display until the summer of 2018.

Apologies for any inconvenience,
Digital Team, Amgueddfa Cymru
Natalie P.
1 Rhagfyr 2016, 04:09
Will the San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight be on display in this museum on January 4, 2017?
Sara Huws Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
21 Gorffennaf 2016, 15:43

Hi there PK

Thank you for your intriguing enquiry!

This painting belonged to Gwendoline and Mary Davies, who bequeathed it to the museum in the 1950s. It has remained in our collection ever since.

Venice was of course a very popular subject matter for Monet and so it may be that you have a different painting in mind. I will pass on this enquiry to our curators in case they would like to add any information.

All the best,

Digital Team

21 Gorffennaf 2016, 14:29
Dear Sara,
I'm interested to know if the painting
San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight by
MONET, Claude (1840 - 1926)
still belongs to the museum?
It's interesting to know that the news I've read about this painting being one of the painting that has been seized by the USA investigation team on the corruption case linking to Malaysia's public funds company 1MDB .

Thank you .

28 Ebrill 2015, 19:29
Hi,my name is DONNA I bought an engraving of san giorgia maggiore 3 by monet,about 5 years ago. It is a an white.Ican't find much about it. I did see where one was missing It was sold to me by a auction network I really didn't need to spend the money but I wanted a piece of his work I could send you a picture an maybe you can help.please thank you for your time.
Sara Huws
12 Medi 2014, 16:09
Hi Serena,

Just to let you know that the painting is back on display at the National Museum in Cardiff. Our database disagreed with us, but I had a look and it's hanging in the gallery! I hope you will be able to visit us to see it in person.


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