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Jwg Cronfa'r Glowyr Cymreig Mansion House


Jwg Cronfa'r Glowyr Cymreig Mansion House

Dyddiad: 1877

Cyfrwng: arian

Maint: 200 x 130 x 220 mm

Derbyniwyd: 1977; Rhodd

Rhif Derbynoli: 77.15I

Yr arysgrif - Presented To / David Evans Esq. / OUT OF THE MANSION HOUSE / WELSH MINERS FUND / in Recognition of his Bravery / IN SAVING LIFE at the INUNDATION /  of the Tynewydd Colliery / 1877


Simon Adams
8 Mehefin 2014, 22:27
I am amazed at just having seen the picture of the ewer. I have an identical one presented to my great grandfather George Frederick Adams and inscribed with identical wording relating to the flooding of the colliery in 1877.
My grandfather was a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and together with one Thomas Forster Brown wrote a paper "Deep Winning of Coal in South Wales" presented to the Institution on 18th January 1881.
I am not clear as to what part my grandfather may have played in the rescue but if you have any information on this, I would be glad to hear.
Simon N Adams

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