O'r Blitz i'r Prefab

Y lolfa.

Y lolfa.

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Graham Davies Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
18 Tachwedd 2020, 10:31

Dear Dawn Perkins, the prints and photographs we have available for sale can be found on our online shop. Alternatively, you can email images@museumwales.ac.uk to request your favourite.
Thank you for your enquiry

Graham Davies
Digital Team

Dawn Perkins
12 Tachwedd 2020, 16:39
The pictures of the prefab living room. Bedroom, and Prefab have brought back such nostalgic memories for me. I lived in a prefab gor 14years with my parents. They were beautiful homes. No one wanted to leave them when they were pulled down. Are any of your photos for sale, please? Particularly, the living room. bedroom,and kitchen. Thankyou. Regards Dawn Perkins.
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