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Griffith Owen-Jones a'i wriag Kate

Griffith Owen-Jones a'i wriag Kate, a symudodd o Rhostryfan, Gwynedd i Granville, Talaith Efrog Newydd

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Nia Evans Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
31 Gorffennaf 2020, 10:10

Dear P Williams,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. Would it be possible at all for you to

a copy of the photo you found to my colleague who is the curator for Contemporary and Cultural History? She will be able to have a look and advise further that way.

Kind regards,

(Digital team)

P Williams
25 Gorffennaf 2020, 18:52
In an old family album of cartes de visite I have found a photo of manual labourers, perhaps quarrymen or miners, but their headgear doesn't look Welsh. As there appears to have been some ancestral emigration to Fair Haven, Vermont, I wonder if these workmen were photographed there. How can I get an opinion of the costume?

11 Medi 2017, 16:31
I would appreciate if you would post in my Facebook group i created for the interest of my family and friends. Wales Past Present Future...Also recommendations to reading a timeline of the Welsh/Britons so as my grandchildren will not grow up as ignorant of our history as my generation. Many Thanks Nancy Thomas Ward
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