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Re-Creations: Visualising our Past

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Re-creations: Visualising Our Past - Mark Redknapp

Re-Creations: Visualising our Past

Argaeledd Mewn stoc

Many techniques have been used to provide a window into the past; this attractive book looks at the ways we illustrate our past through the eyes of artists, craftspeople, historians and scientists. With engaging text and images, Re-Creations presents the development of archaeological reconstructions, from medieval pictures of King Arthur right up to computer generated models.

'The archaeologist and historian are both scientists and artists. Their first aim is to seek objective truth and to debunk anything false, but they seek, as does the artist, to illumine the truth with imagination.'
Rt Hon. Lord Harlech, 1949 (President of the National Museum of Wales 1937-42)


Published jointly with Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments

Awdur: Redknap, Mark
Blwyddyn cyhoeddi: 2002
ISBN: 0 7200 0519 1
Rhwymiad: Clawr papur
Nifer o dudalennau: 48
Iaith: English
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