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The Papers of H. T. De la Beche (1796-1855)

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The Papers of H. T. De la Beche (1796 - 1855)

The Papers of H. T. De la Beche (1796-1855)

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In the National Museum of Wales

Henry Thomas De la Beche was a hugely significant figure in the history of the study of geology in Europe, and the man behind the establishment of the British Geological Survey, which was founded by an Act of Parliament in 1845 largely due to his endeavours. His papers were donated to the Museum in the 1930s, and this catalogue represents a fundamental documentary source of British scientific history. The correspondence between De la Beche and his friends, colleagues and contemporaries (who included Prince Albert and Charles Darwin) gives us a fascinating insight into the day-to-day scientific endeavors of the nineteenth century.

Awdur: Sharpe, T. & McCartney, P.J.
Blwyddyn cyhoeddi: 1998
ISBN: 0 72000454 3
Rhwymiad: Clawr papur
Nifer o dudalennau: 257
Iaith: English
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