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Martin Parr in Wales

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Martin Parr in Wales

Argaeledd Mewn stoc

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Martin Parr has been photographing people and places all over the world for decades, and is one of the world's foremost documentary photographers. This book shows the development of his singular vision as he has travelled around Wales.

Some photographs feature typical and familiar Parr locations, most notably, beaches – especially Tenby, according to Parr ‘the most picturesque in the UK’. Others are more peculiarly Welsh, whether they depict an event or a location: the south Wales valleys, Snowdonia, the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show.

The newest images illustrate his most recent technical shift, to the telephoto lens. All the images show us how Parr sees not ‘the different, the unique, but rather the known; the moments ... we share as people’.

With an introduction by Owen Sheers.

Blwyddyn cyhoeddi: 2019
ISBN: 978-0-7200-0645-2
Rhwymiad: Clawr caled
Nifer o dudalennau: 96
Iaith: English
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