Checklist of Moss & Liverwort specimens

Moss capsule outline

Checklist of Moss & Liverwort specimens in Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales

The bryophyte specimens held in the NMW herbarium, form the second largest collection of its type in the United Kingdom with some 280,000 specimens. Included in this number are approximately 160,000 moss specimens in 3600 taxa and 57,000 liverwort specimens in 1700 taxa. As a preliminary step of documentation, the basic data relating to these moss specimens is held in the file, accessible below.

NMW moss specimen list

NMW liverwort specimen list

This list is a snap shot of the bryophytes within the NMW herbarium (up to May 2009 for mosses and November 2010 for liverworts) giving the taxon and basic locality on each specimen. Full details of all Sphagnum specimens, such as collection and locality details, date collected and collectors’ names can be found here.

There are three sheets of data in the excel file: the Data Summary, the British specimens and Overseas Specimens. Specimen data is arranged alphabetically by genus and species. Along the top of each sheet are the localities. The number of specimens found in each taxon and each locality (country or British & Irish vice-county) is recorded. So for example, we have 15 specimens of Tetraphis pellucida Hedw. from Glamorgan (vice-county 41), six from Finland and five from Japan.

Scientific names are recorded as they occur in the herbarium. It is beyond the scope of this list to confirm currently accepted names and synonyms. For British specimens, this largely follows Blockeel & Long (1998). Historic changes to national boundaries mean that some country localities recorded at the time of collection, may differ from current country circumscriptions.

Highlighted in red are the taxa for which NMW holds a type specimen. In most cases, the inscription on the packet has been accepted without further research into the official type status.

Inaccuracies and inconsistencies are inevitable in processing such a large dataset. While every effort has been made to eliminate these, it is likely that some remain. We would appreciate any feedback on such errors.


Blockeel TL & Long DG (1998) A Check-list and Census Catalogue of British and Irish Bryophytes. British Bryological Society, Cardiff