Palaeontology: Holotypes & Lectotypes

Undichna trisulcata

Morrissey et al., 2004
Accession number: NMW 2004.26G.6
Collection: Holotypes
Chronostratigraphy: PALAEOZOIC , DEVONIAN , Lower Devonian , Lochkovian Stage , Lower Dittonian
Lithostratigraphy: Lower Old Red Sandstone , St. Maughans Formation
Locality: ../.. , Europe , United Kingdom , Wales , Gwent
  • Morrissey, Lance B., Braddy, Simon J., Bennett, John P., Marriott, Susan B.,& Tarrant, Peter R., 2004, "Fish trails from the Lower Old Red Sandstone of Tredomen Quarry, Powys, southeast Wales" Geological Journal, 39, pp.337-358, Type reference, p.346, figs.6 A, B