Palaeontology: Holotypes & Lectotypes

Tortilicaulis transwalliensis

Edwards 1979
Accession number: NMW 77.6G.2
Collection: Holotypes
Taxonomy: Plantae, Tracheophyta
Chronostratigraphy: PALAEOZOIC , SILURIAN , Přídolí Series
Lithostratigraphy: Milford Haven Group
Dating notes: 0.3m micaceous sandstone in third grey sandstone/sandstone complex of Allen & Williams;
Locality: ../.. , Europe , United Kingdom , Wales , Pembrokeshire
  • Edwards, D. 1979, A late Silurian flora from the Lower Old Red Sandstone of south-west Dyfed, Palaeontology, 93, 259-75., Figured reference, p.38, pl.5, fig. 1
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