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At long last we have our first flower record! Ysgol Glan Conwy reported their 1st Daffodil on the 24/2/12 - just in time for St.David's Day. If your flowers have opened - please send in your record in so we can all see them on the map. If you have any pictures - please send them in too.

Glyncollen Primary School: Some of our daffodils and crocus have opened over half term. We enjoyed looking after them at home. Ans: Brilliant news, please send your records in!

Woodplumpton Primary School: Very exciting update- three crocuses about to flower! We can see the purple petals and think they will pop open in the next couple of days. They have developed really quickly after appearing through the ground. Ans: Brilliant news! Can't wait to see them on the map!

My bulbs are almost open - see my pics. My daffodils are really short this year only 10cms tall. Has anyone else noticed this?

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