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It’s true to say that volunteers play a key role in the work of the National Museum of Wales. However, the role of a museum volunteer has changed a fair bit in recent years, so allow me to bring you all up to speed.

My name is Ben Halford and I’ve been an Explore Volunteer at the National Museum of Wales for nearly a year. The role of Explore Volunteer is still rather new. It was introduced into the museum last year with the aim of trialling a new style of volunteering. It merges several types of volunteer into one. It’s our job to engage with the visiting public in our galleries and enrich their museum experience. Because the role is still becoming more established, not many people know what Explore volunteers get up to around the museum, which is where the Explore Blog comes in.

Here we’ll be bringing you stories from volunteers across the museum, which will give you a taste of what being an Explore Volunteer entails. We’ll be including features about our favourite exhibits, our most frequently asked questions from visitors and indeed our strangest questions from visitors (the one about the Siberian dinosaur springs to mind!).

We have many Explore Volunteers who operate in the museum on a regular basis, and they all have great stories to tell. With this blog we now have a way to share these stories and to give you all an insight into what we do as part of this fantastic institution.

We want to hear from any and all volunteers about their experiences, so if you’re interested in writing for the blog please let us know! In the meantime watch this space for brilliant content coming soon!

Gadael sylw