The marine section here at the museum have been exploring the sea floor around Scotland recently. Have a look at the video blog here to see what they were hoping to find on the trip. Check back soon for updates on the weird and wonderful things they actually found.

Welcome to the Explore the Sea Floor blog!

Marine scientists here at the museum have been studying the sea bed around the UK (and in other parts of the world as well!) and you can now see why and how it is done and what we have found. If you would like to ask a question to a marine scientist why not post a message on the blog and we will try our best to answer them.

Have you ever wondered what a marine scientist does?

Have a go at the activities on the Explore the Sea Floor web pages or request a free copy of the CD-ROM to become a virtual marine scientist.

Here are a few photos of museum scientists at sea and working in the laboratory.

Ionawr 2008 - Hynt a helynt arddangosfa Archwilio Gwely'r Môr!

Symudodd yr arddangosfa i Amgueddfa Stêm Kew Bridge yn Brentford, Middlesex ar 7 Ionawr er gwaetha'r gwyntoedd cryf yn chwythu'r fan dros bob man! Bydd yr arddangosfa yno rhwng 9 Ionawr a 2 Mawrth 2008.

Arddangosfa Archwilio Gwely'r Môr yn Kew.

Bu Archwilio Gwely'r Môr yn bresennol yng Nghynhadledd y Gymdeithas er Addysgu Gwyddoniaeth yn Lerpwl ddechrau Ionawr. Denodd y project gryn frwdfrydedd gan athrawon a'r gobaith yw y bydd llawer mwy o ysgolion yn defnyddio'r adnoddau yn y dosbarth.