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Monday, 11th December, the National Museum Cardiff in Cathays hosted the first pilot activity of ‘Kick the Dust’, a Heritage Lottery funded youth and community engagement programme aiming to to work with 14-24 year olds and use the National Museums of Wales as tool boxes to provide fun, engagement, career and life-skills development opportunities. The first people to utilise the museums’ space was a group of twelve students in their second year of the BA Theatre and Performance course at Aberystwyth University. This was an opportunity for them the try out and experiment with performance techniques and styles studied in a module over the last ten weeks.

After a three-hour journey through snowy Wales, the students arrived and were taken on a tour; they were invited to examine and be inspired by the textures, architecture, sculptures and paintings within the building and the students developed physical responses to their chosen areas of interest. Initially, the museum felt like a loaded space to the students, they were unsure of the rules of engagement to begin with. However, through the course of the day, the students stretched out and embraced the museum; the performers worked the dormant surroundings and brought the halls of memory to life.  

Performances were filmed and photographed in four locations within the museum; an empty exhibit space, the theatre, the gallery space containing the painting ‘Choir of the Capuchin Church’ 1817 by François Marius Granet, and a taxidermy section of the natural history exhibition. These diverse spaces yielded equally diverse results. The first space, the empty exhibition, they found to be eerie and neutral so they used it to workshop and play with the concepts of a previous performance. The students engaged with this area for at least fifteen minutes of focussed and intense work which was fascinating to witness. The next space was the theatre and here the students felt at home and they really began to thrive. In the ten minutes of their performance here, they engaged with the architecture and sharp lines of the auditorium as well as the performer-audience relationship; this piece blurred the lines between the expected, smashing the fourth wall and replacing it with an osmotic veil which helped me, as an observer, reinterpret the space and the emotional journeys taken within it.

The next, more traditional museum-gallery location was enchanting to witness. The group were inspired by the depth and angles within the painting and decided to use a doorway between two gallery spaces as the ‘frame’ to their interpretive performance; they explored the role of the spectator observing the artwork, the shapes and emotion within the pieces themselves, and the angles and imposition of the cases and stands. It became an active, rhythmic representation of the feeling and themes present in the room within the framed-depth concept. I found myself observing their fluid development of the space as I would a static piece of art, finding new areas of detail and interpretation the longer you look. The last performance in the taxidermy exhibition was an intense one. They explored the processes involved in preparing taxidermy through physical gesture re-enactment and, in the confined space overlooked by wolves, skeletons and a bison, it became quite claustrophobic and uncomfortable; they captured the unnaturalness of the grotesque process.  

At 5pm, the students finally got on the coach back to Aberystwyth, still excited and proud of the amazing work they’d done at the museum. They had indeed managed to ‘Kick the Dust’.

This blog post was written by Christina Dixon, a BA history student volunteering and getting work experience at Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales.


Helo Cyfeillion y Gwanwyn,

Heddiw yw’r diwrnod olaf i gasglu darlleniad tywydd cyn Nadolig! Byddwch yn cymryd darlleniad tywydd nesaf yr wythnos o’r 8-12 Ionawr. Wrth gofnodi eich darlleniadau i’r wefan, plîs nodwch ‘dim cofnod’ ar gyfer y dyddiau rydych i fwrdd o’r ysgol.

Does dim rhaid cymryd eich potiau adra dros y gwyliau. Os yw’r potiau mewn lle saf lle byddant ddim yn cael ei effeithio gan y gwynt, bydda nhw’n iawn. Mae'r pridd yn cadw’r bylbiau yn ddwfn yn erbyn y tywydd oer.

Mae’r tywydd wedi bod yn eithaf cynnes am y gaeaf, a bydd o’n ddiddorol i weld yr effaith mae hyn yn cael ar ein bylbiau! Gwelodd Tachwedd 2017 tymereddau ucha a llai o law na flwyddyn ddiwethaf. Ac er ein bod wedi cael ychydig llai o oriau haul na'r llynedd, oedd Tachwedd 2017 dal yr ail mwyaf heulog ers i gofnodion DU cychwyn yn 2012! Os mae’r patrwm yma yn parhau, efallai fyddwn yn weld ein blodau yn gynharach flwyddyn yma!

Mwynhewch eich gwyliau Cyfeillion y Gwanwyn.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda,

Athro’r Ardd a Bwlb Bychan



Diolch ichi am eich holl sylwadau, cawsom grynodebau tywydd manwl iawn am yr wythnosau diwethaf, ac rydw i'n hynod o falch! Rydym hefyd wedi cael gwybod gan ychydig o ysgolion bod eu planhigion wedi dechrau blaguro! Byddwn yn ddiolchgar pe gallai'r ysgolion hyn rannu lluniau gyda mi cyn ac ar ôl y gwyliau Nadolig, fel y gallwn ni i gyd weld faint maent yn tyfu yn yr amser hwn!

Diolch am eich holl waith caled Cyfeillion y Gwanwyn. Edrychaf ymlaen at barhau eto yn y Flwyddyn Newydd!

Athro'r Ardd


Planhigion wedi dechrau blaguro:

Ysgol Beulah: Mae pedwar blaguryn wedi dechrau tyfu.

Ysgol San Sior: Our crocus plants have already started to grow! We are very excited – A.

Ysgol San Sior: A lot of our plants have started to grow but I am still waiting for mine. I'm checking every morning. – C.

Adamsdown Primary: My plant has started to grow.

St Julians Primary School: Lots of our daffodils have started to peek through the compost now.

Hemlington Hall Academy: Some of our crocuses have begun to grow. We can see them peeking through the top of the soil about 1-2cm. We didn't expect to see this until the spring.


Sylwadau am y prosiect:

Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant (Llanelli): Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda oddi wrth Blwyddyn 4 Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant, Llanelli.

St Andrew's RC Primary School: It was really enjoyable to go outside to measure the status of the plants and to plant them.

YGG Tonyrefail: Having fun

Our Lady of Peace Primary School: First day of doing this in December can't wait for Christmas see you then.

Ysgol San Sior: We have asked a school in Barcelona to join us in this project. They have planted some bulbs that we bought and sent them. Their plants haven't grown like most of ours. Carys and Amelia are still checking every day for some growth. Professor Plant: That’s fantastic Bulb Buddies! Please keep me updated on how your projects go and what you learn.

Falkland Primary School: Plants are epic

Falkland Primary School: Cool stuff.


Sylwadau am dywydd eithafol:

Ysbyty Ifan: Dim ysgol dydd llun oherwydd eira dydd mawrth roedd 110 mm o eira yn y mesurydd glaw diolch am y cerdyn

Garstang St. Thomas' CE Primary School: We had local flooding this week!

Auchenlodment Primary School: Storm Caroline brought high winds this week to Johnstone.

Beaufort Hill Primary School: School closed on Friday due to snow

St Teresa's Primary School: The school was closed on Monday due to snow/ ice.

Ysgol Bro Pedr: 2 days off this week due to the snow

Henllys CIW Primary: the school was closed on monday and tuesday and on wednesday it was 43 mm

Shirenewton Primary School: Snow day Monday


Crynodebau tywydd:

Ferryside V.C.P School: Roedd wythnos hyn yn oer a cael lot o glaw.

Ysgol Casmael: Cesair ac eira wythnos yma.

Ysgol Carreg Emlyn: Roedd yr ysgol ar gau dydd gwener oherwydd yr eira felly nid oedd yn bosib cofnodi'r tywydd.

Ysgol Y Traeth: Wedi bwrw cenllysg ac eira ychydig heddiw (Dydd Gwener 8/12/17)

Ysbyty Ifan: mae hi wedi bod yn bwrw eira heddiw

Darran Park Primary: It’s the same as last week the lower the temperature the less rain and the higher the temperature the more rain.

Auchenlodment Primary School: It was a cold and dry week. We were off on Thursday as it was St Andrew's Day (Scotland's patron saint).

Carnbroe Primary School: Hi Professor Plant, we have had mixed weather this week. It was really wet on Monday, on Wednesday it was icy and today it was mild. Our plants are doing fine.

Carnforth North Road Primary School: We had some very cold weather.

Ysgol Iau Hen Golwyn: not much rain.

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: It's been a cold and frosty week!

St Paul's CE Primary School: Lots of heavy snow this week and very low temperatures. Snow lying thick on the ground Thursday and Friday. Frosty every morning.

Inverkip Primary School: It was frosty throughout the week. This will not help. There was barely any rain.

Waddingham Primary School: Overnight on Thursday, it snowed. By the time we did our readings on Friday, the snow had melted and the water level was 2mm.

Canonbie Primary School: We have had a slight flurry of snowflakes. We have not had much rain. It is quite cold.

Ysgol Bro Pedr: Beautiful and chilly end to a week that started miserably.

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: Hi been a cold and windy week, very cold and wet. Not excited for the winter coldness ahead. BYE BYE.

Beaufort Hill Primary School: Very cold week!

Garstang St. Thomas' CE Primary School: Brrrrrr!

Peterston super Ely Primary School: It was very cold this week for our bulbs!

St Robert's R.C Primary School: We didn't get much snow!

Inverkip Primary School: On Wednesday, we had lots of rain. This would help the plants grow. But because the temperatures were low, they might not grow.

Arkholme CE Primary School: This week was fairly cold and wet. In the mornings it was very frosty. We could not get to bulbs because of the plumbers. The temperatures were all above minus because we checked them in the afternoon and by then it was warmer.

St Robert's R.C Primary School: It got cold this week and we had a little bit of snow in Bridgend, but not much!

St Paul's CE Primary School: Heavy rain Thursday Friday. Cold all week. Frosty mornings

Pembroke Primary School: Would you like more detailed information as provided previously? I can include daily high, low and weekend information. Professor Plant: Hi Bulb Buddies, if you have time to enter the detailed information that would be lovely! And if you are doing any activities in the classroom using this data I’d love to hear about it!

Bardney Church of England & Methodist Primary: Cold!

Henllys CIW Primary: actual rain fall on Thursday was 25ml and friday raingage had fallen over with the snow

Portpatrick Primary School: Snow on Friday!

Canonbie Primary School: It has been a cold wind and we might be getting some snow. We have had a busy with our Christmas play.

Carnbroe Primary School: Hi Professor Plant the weather has been very cold this week. It started quite mild and damp and then on Thursday it dropped to 4°C. On friday it dropped again down to 2°C and it is very cold and icy but our plants are still thriving.

Darran Park Primary: Its kind of done the opposite to last week. The temperature has been higher and on Thursday we had more rain. Today we had some snow and the temperature has dropped.

Ysgol Iau Hen Golwyn: There was not that much rain this week and the temperature was high on the first 4 days and then on the last day it was 4 which is low.

Ysgol Bro Pedr: Rather chilly in the west of Wales!!!

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: We've had snow flurries this morning - it's been a cold week.

Llanishen Fach Primary School: It has been really cold this week. We have checked our bulbs but they haven't grown yet.

Carnforth North Road Primary School: Its been very cold this week.

Carnbroe Primary School: Hi Professor Plant we hope that you have been wrapped up this week. It has been very cold and icy in Carnbroe this week. It rained on Wednesday and today and because it has been so cold its iced over. Our plants are still sleeping. Professor Plant: I have been wrapped up, thank you Bulb Buddies. And thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

Edenham Church of England Primary School: Monday - snowfall not rainfall!!! Professor Plant: Exciting Bulb Buddies, I hope you enjoyed bringing the snow in to melt before taking your readings! Keep up the good work.

YGG Tonyrefail: On Monday Tuesday and Wednesday it was snowing so no record

Ysgol Iau Hen Golwyn: The temperature and rainfall have both been very low as there was not much rain and not very hot.

Diwrnod Meddiannu yn Amgueddfa Lleng Rufeinig Cymru.

Wnaeth disgyblion o Ysgol Gynradd Lodge Hill creu fideo i hyrwyddo ein hadnodd dysgu digidol diweddaraf - Ysgol Rufeinig.

Nod y diwrnod oedd rhoi cyfle i ddisgyblion adeiladu eu hyder ac i wella eu sgiliau digidol a chyflwyno.

Cymerodd y disgyblion ran mewn sesiwn chwarae rôl am y dosbarth Rhufeinig.

Yna creodd ffilm eu hunain o'r enw - 'Beth oedd ysgol fel yn yr oes Rufeinig?' Fydd y ffilm yn cael ei ddefnyddio i hyrwyddo'r adnodd i ysgolion eraill ar wefan Casgliad Y Werin Cymru. Dysgodd y disgyblion sut i greu stori, ysgrifennu sgript a dewis actorion ar gyfer pob golygfa. 

Gwelwch y fideo yma

Mae'r adborth a'r awgrymiadau a gasglwyd gan y plant yn cael eu cynnwys yn y fersiwn derfynol o adnodd digidol. Mae'r adnodd yn cefnogi ein gweithdy chwarae rôl boblogaidd o'r enw Grammaticus - Ysgol Rufeinig.

Yn ystod y dydd, cafodd y disgyblion gyfle i ddarganfod mwy am arfau Rhufeinig. Ar ôl cwblhau'r her, cyflwynwyd tystysgrif i bob disgybl gan Eleri Thomas – sef un o'r Ymddiriedolwyr ‘kids in museums’.

Bydd yr adnodd - Ysgol Rufeinig ar gael ar wefan yr Amgueddfa a Hwb yn Fis Ionawr.

Yn gynharach mis yma, gwelwyd disgyblion Ysgol Cardiff High yn meddiannu Atriwm newydd yn Sain Ffagan. Llenwyd y gofod gan waith wedi ei greu gan dros 80 o ddisgyblion Celf, Cerdd a Drama wedi ei selio ar gasgliadau’r amgueddfa. Roedd hyn yn ddiwedd i 6 wythnos o waith i’r plant, ond tua 6 mis o drefnu!

Yn yr haf, cysylltwyd Eve Oliver o Ysgol Cardiff High gyda syniad o brosiect ar gyfer disgyblion blwyddyn 10 sy’n astudio’r pynciau creadigol - celf, cerdd a drama. Y syniad oedd dod a’r plant at ei gilydd i weithio ar yr un thema. Ar ôl trafodaethau gydag Elen Phillips, Prif Guradur Hanes Cyfoes a Chymunedol penderfynwyd ar y thema ‘Protest’. Dewiswyd hwn fel thema oherwydd base’n rhoi cyfle i’r disgyblion archwilio’i chred a gwerthoedd wrth ymateb at gasgliadau’r amgueddfa.

Ar ddechrau’r prosiect, daeth 85 o ddisgyblion i Sain Ffagan ar Hydref y 4ydd er mwyn gweld rhai o’n casgliadau. Wnaeth Elen roi sgwrs am wrthrychau a’r storion du ôl iddynt. Dangoswyd gwrthrychau yn cynnwys rhai o amgylch ymladd dros y bleidlais i fenywod, protest yn erbyn hiliaeth a streic y glowyr yn yr 1980au. Roedd hyn yn gyfle i’r disgyblion clywed y straeon ond hefyd i weld y gwrthrychau, ac mi oedd hi’n bosib gweld sut oedd y plant wedi ei hysbrydoli gan hyn.

Ar ôl ymweld â Sain Ffagan, aeth y plant nôl i’r ysgol i edrych ar y themâu yn ddyfnach. Dros y 6 wythnos nesaf cafwyd sesiynau gan Timothy Howe o’r Theatr Sherman, Anita Reynolds o’r Coleg Brenhinol Cerdd a Drama Cymru a’r artist Anna Barratt.

Fel diwedd i’r rhan yma o’r gwaith, dychwelwyd Cardiff High i Sain Ffagan ar Dachwedd yr 16eg i arddangos a pherfformio’i gwaith. Llenwyd yr atriwm newydd yn yr amgueddfa gyda gwaith celf a pherfformiadau. Mi oedd cynulleidfa o tua 50 yn gwylio, yn cynnwys rhieni rhai o’r perfformwyr ac ambell i staff o’r amgueddfa hefyd.

Ar gyfer y perfformiad, roedd y grŵp drama wedi dewis i berfformio detholiad o’r ddrama The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning gan Tim Price gyda’r grŵp cerddoriaeth yn perfformio’r clasur Yma o Hyd gan Dafydd Iwan. Fel cefnlen i’r holl berfformiad roedd llwyth o faneri a murlenni protest wedi ei greu gan a grŵp celf. Diweddglo’r perfformiad oedd Yma o Hyd yn cael ei chanu eto, gan yr holl ddisgyblion a’r gynulleidfa. Roedd hyn berfformiad pwerus ddaeth ar holl atriwm yn fyw!

Mae’r prosiect wedi bod yn llwyddiant ysgubol gyda’r disgyblion yn edrych ar ei ddealltwriaeth o ‘Protest’ trwy ddefnyddio straeon cyfoes. Maent wedi dyfnhau ei ddealltwriaeth o’r gorffennol ac wedi magu gweledigaeth o gredoau pobl arall. I’r amgueddfa, mae hi wedi bod yn ffordd wych o weithio gydag ysgol uwchradd leol, trwy ddefnyddio model rydym yn awyddus i’w ddefnyddio eto. Rydym eisoes wedi dechrau trafod pa themâu gallwn archwilio’r flwyddyn nesaf!

Diolch yn fawr Cardiff High!