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Mae tîm bychan a diwyd yn gofalu am y sgrinwyna. Pan fydd pethau'n prysuro bydd staff profiadol wrth law ddydd a nos. Yn ogystal â'r sied ar y camera, mae siediau meithrin ar gyfer y defaid a'r wyn. Bydd y tîm yn asesu anghenion y praidd i gyd ac yn blaenoriaethu'r defaid gwannaf. Bydd oen sâl sydd angen cael ei fwydo drwy diwb yn cael blaenoriaeth dros ddafad sy'n esgor. Cofiwch, efallai bod aelod staff yn gwylio gerllaw ond ddim ar y sgrin.

Mae na atebion i rai o'ch cwestiynau mwyaf cyffredin ar y blog

Lambcam 2021

Rhybudd - Gall cyfri defaid arwain at bendwmpian!
Genedigaeth hyd yn hyn


Mae cyfnod ŵyna yn amser cyffrous gyda digon o uchafbwyntiau ac, yn anorfod, ambell i adeg anodd. Yn ogystal â dilyn y datblygiadau ar y dudalen hon, gallwch ddarllen y blog sgrinwyna, neu ddilyn yr hashnodau #lambcam #sgrinwyna ar Twitter - Byddwn yn rhoi’r holl newyddion diweddaraf am y mamau a’r ŵyn bach. Mae oriel o uchafbwyntiau’r sied ar gael hefyd.

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Gobeithio eich bod chi’n mwynhau Sgrinwyna. Beth am gyfrannu at Amgueddfa Cymru? Elusen ydyn ni, ac mae pob ceiniog a godwn yn cefnogi ein gwaith gyda chymunedau ar draws Cymru.


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Uchafbwyntiau’r sied:

No. Date Duration
1 Camau Cyntaf a Gefell 01/03/2021 04:00
2 Genedigaeth Efeiliaid 1 a 2 02/03/2020 05:20
3 Camau Cyntaf 01/03/2020 00:48
4 Wyna dros Nos 02/03/2020 04:26
5 Glanhau Babis Newydd 28/02/2021 03:21
6 Teulu Newydd 27/02/2021 01:26
7 2 yr un pryd 26/02/2021 04:26
8 Wyna Dros Nos 25/02/2021 06:33

Y Blog Sgrinwyna:

26 Chwefror 2021, Wales' First Farmers
19 Chwefror 2021, Sgrinwyna 2021 - Cwestiynau Cyffredin:
27 Mawrth 2019, Lleisiau o’r Archifau
15 Mawrth 2018, Lleisiau o’r Gorffennol: Ŵyna yn Rhandirmwyn, 1975


Bernice Parker Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
7 Mawrth 2021, 16:44

Hi Sue

So glad you've been enjoying it so much. Hope the return to school goes well.

Our sheep have their feet trimmed as part of their regular care, but it's not ideal to do this in late pregnancy. Sitting them up onto their bottoms (same hold as shearing) can crush their lung capacity and stop them breathing. So by the time they lamb, they are very heavy and may have sore feet. Once they've had a few days to get over the birth they will be foot trimmed as part of their post-natal care.

Some of the sheep may also suffer nerve pain in their legs from the pressure of the lambs inside them. This can make them lame, but usually resolves itself immediately after lambing. All sheep that are eating and drinking well are best remaining with the flock – we only separate them for medical necessities.

7 Mawrth 2021, 16:14
What happened to the ewe that's limping. Poorly front paw. Thanks for everything over the past week. I'm having to go back to working in the school office from tomorrow so can't watch as much as I have done. It's brilliant and very informative. Thank you
7 Mawrth 2021, 02:09
Hi Bernice, thank you for your reply and for letting me know about the black lamb... What a bold and cheeky little thing it is! It seems like it's determined to explore the new world! ? Thank you for all your hard work with these updates, and of course to all the team for the endless care and attention towards the ewes and lambs.
6 Mawrth 2021, 11:54
Have just watched triplets being delivered by Emma (her comment re George made me smile - she’s fab!!). They’ were getting a lot of attention from mum plus a very maternal Lanwenog ewe who had taken a shine to them bless her.
Thankyou again for the info re the farm team they’ve been mega busy with lambs. Hope they get time for a well earned cuppa!
It’s so frustrating to live so close and not be able to visit but as soon as covid allows I’ll be there.
Sandi x
6 Mawrth 2021, 11:42
Morning all. Just saw Emma deliver triplets...she had to work hard to help mum. Pleased to see the 3 lambs delivered safely.
I think we underestimate the hard work that goes on during lambing season and the hours Emma and the team put in.
Well done again on another safe delivery with assistance ? ??? xXx
Bernice Parker Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
5 Mawrth 2021, 20:01

Hi Linda

That black lamb is very bold and has squirmed its way into the next pen. The team are having a very busy few hours - they are aware of the lamb's adventures and will round up the whole family now and move them to a bonding pen.

5 Mawrth 2021, 19:54
Hi, just had the privilege of watching twin black being born - at about 7.30pm on Friday....Thank you! Another ewe came up to the first lamb just after birth and sniffed it and the lamb seemed to think she was its mother! The lamb was struggling to get to its feet and was steering towards the white ewe. The camera angle then altered but since then I have seen one black lamb apparently lost! Another ewe headbutted it! Has the lamb now found its correct mum and have they bonded?
Bernice Parker Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
5 Mawrth 2021, 17:43

Hi Sue and Sandi

The injection was calcium - helps to get things going for a ewe that has been labouring for several hours but not making any progress with opening her cervix.

George is in his 3rd year as an apprentice - but Emma says it will be many many years before he is as good as her :-)

The other team members that you may see from time to to time are Ian, Evan and Brian (and Mark on night shifts)

We're expecting 6 sets of triplets. Don't know which breeds (look out for double spot ewes - but it's harder to see on the black ewes). No quads as far as we know - but they've been a surprise both times we've had them before!

5 Mawrth 2021, 14:51
Just seen a ewe given an injection. What was it and what for
5 Mawrth 2021, 14:02
Hi Bernice & all the lambcam fans.
Just saw Emma and George deliver the Welsh black mountain twins (96 & 97?). Almost to 100.
Bernice Thanks for the update. How long is a farming apprenticeship? We saw a lot of George last year on lambcam and in person too. They all do a fab Job and are always so willing to answer any questions. I can’t remember all their names only Emma’s and George’s but know there’s 2 others.
How many sets of triplets are due this year? Are any of them to Welsh black mountain ewes? Do you have any quads due? (ewes not you personally lol)

Thanks again all Diolch eto pawb

Sue I’m glad I’m not the only ‘addict’. I’ve been watching a couple of years now and once I started I became hooked. It’s so lovely seeing new life but I also enjoy the watching the ewes running from the farm team (apart from feed time) & scratching themselves on fencing etc.

Gadael sylw