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Mae tîm bychan a diwyd yn gofalu am y sgrinwyna. Pan fydd pethau'n prysuro bydd staff profiadol wrth law ddydd a nos. Yn ogystal â'r sied ar y camera, mae siediau meithrin ar gyfer y defaid a'r wyn. Bydd y tîm yn asesu anghenion y praidd i gyd ac yn blaenoriaethu'r defaid gwannaf. Bydd oen sâl sydd angen cael ei fwydo drwy diwb yn cael blaenoriaeth dros ddafad sy'n esgor. Cofiwch, efallai bod aelod staff yn gwylio gerllaw ond ddim ar y sgrin.


Genedigaeth hyd yn hyn
Double Bed Rhybudd - gall cyfri defaid arwain at bendwmpian! Double Bed


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Uchafbwyntiau'r Sied

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Nid yw sylwadau ar gael ar hyn o bryd. Ymddiheuriadau am yr anghyfleustra.
22 Mawrth 2024, 21:14
Y dafad yn gwych the sheep AR amazing ?? pasg hapus happy easter
Ffion Rhisiart Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
22 Mawrth 2024, 20:00

Diolch am wylio | Thanks for watching

Our live stream has come to an end for another year – and what a brilliant 3 weeks we’ve had having welcomed over 450 lambs. Thank you for your company again this year, Lambcammers. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching!

Nos da | Goodnight

Ffion Rhisiart
20 Mawrth 2024, 16:00


Oherwydd gwaith uwchraddio TG hanfodol, bydd Sgrinwyna yn diffodd ar yr amser cynharach o 6pm heno. Ymddiheurwn am yr anghyfleustra ac edrychwn ymlaen at ddod â hynt a helynt y sied ŵyna atoch chi unwaith eto o 8am bore fory. 

Due to important IT upgrading work, Lambcam will be offline from the earlier time of 6pm tonight. We apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to bringing you the action from the lambing shed once again from 8am tomorrow morning.

18 Mawrth 2024, 09:42

Ooh very exciting morning. Such an overzealous auntie there too.

Ffion Rhisiart Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
17 Mawrth 2024, 19:08

Good evening Charlotte & Matthew. Thank you for your message - great to hear that you enjoyed your visit to St Fagans today and got to see a live birth in person! I'll make sure your kind words are passed on to Emma and the team as well.
Approximately T-minus 50 weeks to go until next year...?!

Charlotte & Matthew
17 Mawrth 2024, 17:24

We love lamb cam! ? ? 
For at least the last 6 years we have watched it intently and always visit St Fagans around my birthday to see if we can catch a birth in real life. Today we were lucky enough to witness black twins entering the world, the ewe was a first time Mam and had been labouring for a long time so was assisted by the shepherdess and shepherd. We meet them every year and they are always very friendly and explain what they are doing and why, more important to note is they are always so caring and kind towards the animals - it really is a joy to witness. Diolch yn fawr lamb cam! Already counting down the weeks until next year ?

15 Mawrth 2024, 09:37

Im watching this in Western Australia.Love St Fagans.Been there many times.Best Wishes to you and the Welsh sheep.

Ffion Rhisiart
15 Mawrth 2024, 09:03

New layout

Some eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted that we had a little change around yesterday. The remaining ewes expecting single lambs have been moved to the top end of the large lambing shed. The remaining ewes expecting twins are now in the middle + bottom pens, marked with 1 green dot on their backs. The smaller shed across the yard will now be used as one of the large group bonding pens - so we'll have some lovely lambs to watch all day long!

14 Mawrth 2024, 19:44

Oh bless him, I'm really sorry to hear that, thanks for letting me know and hope the team are okay.

Ffion Rhisiart
14 Mawrth 2024, 14:18

Hello Chess. Both twins were fine for the first hour or so. However, it looks like one of them had thick gunk in his belly and we have unfortunately just lost him.