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Mae’r tymor wyna ar ben am flwyddyn arall yn Sain Ffagan Amgueddfa Werin Cymru. Mae wedi bod yn gyfnod digon anodd diolch i’r tywydd, ond rydym wedi croesawu dros 300 oen i’r byd. Gobeithio eich bod wedi mwynhau holl hynt a helynt y sied wyna eto eleni – welwn ni chi flwyddyn nesaf!

Uchafbwyntiau’r sied:

No. Date Duration
1 Cwrs Ŵyna 2020 13/03/2020 02:06
2 Gefeilliaid Radnor (Rhan 1) 13/03/2020 02:39
3 Gefeilliaid Radnor (Rhan 2) 13/03/2020 02:46
4 Tribled 1 07/03/2020 05:00
5 Tribled 2 07/03/2020 01:55
6 Tribled 3 07/03/2020 02:19
7 Oen du gyda llysnafedd 03/03/2020 05:00
8 Oen Cyntaf 2020 (Camera Nos Sgrinwyna) 26/02/2020 04:55

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Francis Wright
22 Mawrth 2020, 17:12
Thank you for the Lamb Cam - what a fabulous cast, and what an uplifting experience!
Robert thompson
21 Mawrth 2020, 19:45

Here’s some praise for all the brilliant members of staff looking after the sheep and lambs, if I were a lamb or a sheep I would definitely want to live at St Fagans. Well done we’re all really enjoying your efforts Watching you on the webcam.

21 Mawrth 2020, 09:47
Yay —- passed the 300 mark. Couldn’t quite see the black ewe before but just had a fab view of the llanwenog ewe giving birth to no 301(?). Keeping watch for her other twin

Ty again all ??
Carol Ann Ivory
21 Mawrth 2020, 09:31
Good Morning all xx Well done shepherds for delivering those little twin lambs. Was the second one number 300?
Bernice Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
20 Mawrth 2020, 11:29

Thanks Sandi #lambcamsuperfan

20 Mawrth 2020, 10:37
Wow only 5 away from 300 lambs what a busy time for all the had working dedicated farming staff and all whilst being live streamed 24/7 to the world (bet not many can say that!!) I love that it’s in an area accessible for visitors and that we have the bonus of lambcam during lambing season.
Myself and the children have loved our visits to st Fagans even though we only usually visit the farm and park. As a childcare worker this is very educational for the children (myself too) and the farmers are always very polite and informative- answering the children’s many questions.
So a huge thankyou From us all. We will enjoy the rest of this seasons lambcam (a real godsend at the mo!)
19 Mawrth 2020, 19:34
Nice to have lambing in a close unit but try the robots of doing it on a hill farm with snow. Wind rain .
Bernice Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
19 Mawrth 2020, 13:13

Hi Carol Ann

They've all got their legs crossed at the minute!

Carol Ann Ivory
19 Mawrth 2020, 12:57
Hi Bernice. Will you show lamb number 300 on here and maybe call it Tri-star :-)
Bernice Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
18 Mawrth 2020, 08:06

Hi Linda

Glad to hear you have been enjoying the Lambing season at St Fagans with your family.

The umbilical cord usually breaks by itself during the birth process with sheep. Occasionally you might see the farm team breaking a cord if it's still attached.

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