Casgliadau Celf Arlein

Bachgen yn Chwarae [Boy at Play]

JOHN, Sir William Goscombe (1860 - 1952)

(Nid oes modd darparu delwedd o'r gwaith celf hwn ar hyn o bryd. Mae hyn naill ai oherwydd cyfyngiadau hawlfraint, neu oherwydd bod y ddelwedd yn aros i gael ei digideiddio. Ymddiheurwn am unrhyw anghyfleustra a achosir gan hyn.)

Cyfrwng: efydd

Maint: 131.0 cm

Derbyniwyd: 1924; Rhodd; Syr William Goscombe John

Rhif Derbynoli: NMW A 2624


Marc Haynes
19 Ebrill 2018, 16:03

Dear Stephen,

Thank you very much for your enquiry. This version of Boy at Play is 131cm high. The only photographs we have of this sculpture are two negatives which have not yet been digitised. We would unfortunately not be able to distribute digital copies of these until we have cleared the copyright, which can be a lengthy process.

I understand that you have enquired about Goscombe John's treatments of this subject before, so you may well be aware that this full-size version of Boy at Play is reproduced in Fiona Pearson's Goscombe John at the National Museum of Wales (Cardiff, 1979), and also that the Tate collection has a cast. It is somewhat different in appearance from the following smaller version, which is on display in our permanent galleries:

Best wishes,

Digital Team

stephen baycroft
19 Ebrill 2018, 09:25
Could you let me know the height of this sculpture and whether is has been photographed,

Kindest regards,


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