Casgliadau Celf Arlein

Caerdydd, Eglwys Sant Ioan [Cardiff, St John's Church]

WILSON, Alexander ( - 1874)

Caerdydd, Eglwys Sant Ioan

Cyfrwng: olew ar gynfas

Maint: 61.0 x 47.0 cm

Derbyniwyd: 1917; Rhodd; Mrs E. Lester Jones

Rhif Derbynoli: NMW A 3777


Sara Huws Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
20 Ebrill 2017, 14:59
Hi there Clare

At the moment, our Department of Art can only answer questions about the work that is in the museum's collection. We would recommend asking at your local auction house, as they will be able to give advice on, for example, the age of the work. Additionally, the Glamorgan Archives just off Penarth Rd are very welcoming and are a trove of information about all things Cardiff!

Many thanks for your enquiry,

Digital Team
20 Ebrill 2017, 07:30
Good morning... I'm wondering if you can help me.. i have a rather old pen&ink picture of St. John's and wondering if you can tell me more about it.... it's still in its original frame and a beautiful piece. .. kind regards Clare...

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