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William Menelaus (1818-1882)

BROCK, Thomas (1847 - 1922)

William Menelaus (1818-1882)

Dyddiad: 1884

Cyfrwng: marmor

Maint: 72.4 cm

Derbyniwyd: 1886; Rhodd; Syr William T. Lewis

Rhif Derbynoli: NMW A 2526

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Sara Huws Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
5 Mai 2015, 09:51

Hi Eleanor,

Thanks very much for your enquiry, your project sounds really interesting. You can get in touch with our image licensing officer to discuss permission.

Our curator of industry may well be interested to know about your project, so I will let him know about your comment.

All the best,

Digital Team

Eleanor Knowles
1 Mai 2015, 10:44

Hello, I wonder if you could help me?

In the museum's collection there is a marble bust of William Menelaus (1818-82) by THomas Brock, Accession Number: NMW A 2526.

At the moment I'm researching and writing a short biographical summary about the engineer Edward Pritchard Martin (1844-1910) for the Engineering Timelines website (a not-for-profit charity and educational resource). It's part of a wider project on lesser-known engineers who worked in Wales, and who deserve more recognition.

Martin and Menelaus worked together, so as part of our Martin biography, would you allow us to reproduce a picture of the Menelaus bust on the Engineering Timelines website?

I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards, yours hopefully,

part of the Engineering Timelines team at

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