Casgliadau Celf Arlein

Mewnlun o Eglwys San Pedr, Rhufain [Interior of St Peter's, Rome]

DAVIS, John Scarlett (1804 - 1884)

Mewnlun o Eglwys San Pedr, Rhufain

Cyfrwng: olew ar gynfas

Maint: 111.8 x 60.3 cm

Derbyniwyd: 1931; Rhodd; F. Emile Andrews

Rhif Derbynoli: NMW A 478


Sara Huws
28 Mawrth 2014, 09:54
Thank you Prudence - I will pass this information on to our curators.

Prudence Mason
27 Mawrth 2014, 22:53
I see that you have John Scarlett's death date as 1884. I believe it is 1845 as I have a copy of his death certificate. This is also authenticated in his biography written by Tony Hobbs.
Prudence Mason
6 Medi 2013, 05:56
I am very interested in your work by John Scarlett Davis. He was my great great great grandfather. His daughter , Elizabeth, came to Australia in 1859 with her husband and children. I am descended from her son Thomas James Mullins.As far as I know JSD's only grandchildren lived in Australia. There are many descendants nowadays.

Do you have any prints of his work at all? Or is there a way for me to have a copy/photograph of them? I would be interested in any further information you may have about the artist.

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