Casgliadau Celf Arlein

Parc gydag Alarch ac Adar Eraill

HONDECOETER, Melchior d' (1636 - 1695)

Parc gydag Alarch ac Adar Eraill

Cyfrwng: olew ar gynfas

Maint: 213.0 x 213.0 cm

Derbyniwyd: 1919; Cymynrodd; Emily Talbot

Rhif Derbynoli: NMW A 2032

Mae hwn yn un o chwe chynfas gan y peintiwr o Antwerp, Melchior d'Hondecoter, a fu'n crogi yng nghartref Emily Charlotte, merch C.R.M. Talbot (1803-90) o Abaty Margam a Chastell Penrhys yn Llundain. Mae'n darlunio parc gwledig gydag adar o flaen pistyll a theras addurnedig gyda cherfluniau a ffigyrau. Roedd Hondecoeter yn arbenigo mewn cynfasau mawr addurnol llawn adar byw. Byddai’n peintio darluniau hynod o real o adar domestig ac egsotig, gan bwysleisio prydferthwch eu lliwiau a’u gweadau. Yma, gwelwn adar Ewropeaidd wrth ymyl paun, twrci o Ogledd America a garan goronog yr Affrig o flaen ffynnon ar deras addurnol. Defnyddiwyd darluniau o’r fath i addurno plastai noddwyr cefnog yr Iseldiroedd.


Amgueddfa Cymru
20 Awst 2013, 15:45
Dear Joy Kearney,
Thank you for the information you provide for the painter Melchior d'Hondecoter. I have forwarded this information onto our Art Department who will check the information and update records as necessary, many thanks!
Graham Davies
Online Curator.
Joy Kearney
13 Awst 2013, 15:06
De Hondecoeter is not an Antwerp painter but an Utrecht painter. He is Dutch not Flemish and always lived in the Netherlands.
Amgueddfa Cymru
30 Mawrth 2010, 13:47
Thanks for your comment, we can only suggest that Interpol have a section on thier website that deals with art crime.
Vic Stapel
30 Mawrth 2010, 11:54
In the 1980 my mother was robbed of a family heirloom a painting by M.d. Hondecoeter in Brussels Belgium. It was in our Austrian Family since the Hundred Years' War. I was re discovered in the late 1800 when a wall was broken down in the mansion my family was living in and the painting was found walled in in a wooden box.
It made it through the WWI and WWII etc.
My mother made a statement to the police as she was hand cuffed to a toilet for 19hrs before being found.
We did not have the money to pay for the insurance who required metal blinded door to her apartment and connection to local police etc.
Since then we never heard of the Police/Interpol again and I am now using the internet to search for the painting that was cut out of the frame that was fairly large the usual size around 1,30 x 1.m70. I have thousand of family pictures but not one of the entire painting as it was very dark and not very photogenic.
Anyone can contact me via my website visualsenses com
But Being a Designer I can make a fairly detailed design of this particular painting as I saw it all my youth in our home in Austria and Belgium..
and recall exact all the content flowers birds etc I can even associate it with other M.d.Hondecoaeter paintings color scheme wise as I have collected most of his painting pics online.
Sad when one can not find such a family treasure anymore. My mother never wanted to sell it so keep it as MY bread and butter for later in life :-). So much for that . What are the ways via Internet to start and maybe find such a painting in auctions without spending thousands one like and others.
Anyone help would be very much appreciated if I could get my info into the official channel as when it was stolen there was no Internet and no visual help.
Nid yw sylwadau ar gael ar hyn o bryd. Ymddiheuriadau am yr anghyfleustra.
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