Delweddau Diwydiant


ROGERS, Terry F.J. (1922 - )


Dyddiad: 20th century

Cyfrwng: olew ar gynfas

Maint: 546 x 902 mm

Derbyniwyd: 1979; Prynwyd

Rhif Derbynoli: 79.32I/7


Sue O'Brien
20 Tachwedd 2014, 22:23
Hi Gareth, we are cousins and have met before. My mother is Menna Hamilton (Lloyd-Morgan). I'd love any info you have on the family history if you would care to share it. I've also got photos of our Great grandparents.
Hope to hear from you. Sue O'Brien
Gareth Jones
22 Hydref 2013, 20:06
We have another painting of this ship. It was on my Great Grandfather's wall when he died. He was a ship's captain and lived on Aberaeron harbour. Family lore has it that he was her master. His name was William Jones and his other ship was Blue Jacket. Our family has loaned a painting of Blue Jacket to Aberwystwyth museum.

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