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Bwthyn gyda chwch cimychiaid ym Mhorth Eynon

DUNCAN, Edward (Jnr)

Bwthyn gyda chwch cimychiaid ym Mhorth Eynon

Dyddiad: circa 1895

Cyfrwng: dyfrlliw ar bapur

Maint: 235 x 508 mm

Derbyniwyd: 1986; Prynwyd

Rhif Derbynoli: 86.70I


Sara Huws
27 Ionawr 2014, 15:21
Dear Sara,

I have consulted the curator in charge of looking after this painting, and they informed me of the following:

The painting is unsigned and undated, but is attributed to Edward Duncan junior and given the date of circa 1895. There was a marine painter called Edward Duncan (1803-1882), whom you mentioned as being your relative. It is possible that this painting may actually have been painted by Mr Duncan Snr, and that it might be earlier in date than originally thought. The censuses show that Edward Snr did indeed have a son, also called Edward, born c.1846 in St. Pancras, Middlesex. There seems to be no reference to his being an artist, and in fact he is recorded as a civil engineer on the censuses. However, another son, named Lawrence, is recorded as an artist in the 1861 census.

I hope this information can help you answer some of your questions, and wish you luck as you research your family history.
23 Ionawr 2014, 21:08
is this the son of artist edward duncan (1803-1882) who was my gt-gt-gt grandfather?
do you have further info on him please?

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