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S.S. TREMAYNE - St. Ives

YSGOL BRYDEINIG, 20fed ganrif

S.S. TREMAYNE - St. Ives

Dyddiad: circa 1906

Cyfrwng: gouache ar bapur

Maint: 417 x 665 mm

Derbyniwyd: 1988; Prynwyd

Rhif Derbynoli: 88.183I/3

Adeiladwyd yn South Shields, 1906, ar gyfer Hain S.S. & Co. Ltd., St. Ives, Cernyw.


Sara Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
10 Chwefror 2017, 11:26

Dear Jose,

I have received a response from David Jenkins, who is our Principal Curator of Transport, below. Any delay in responding is mine, and not his - apologies for the inconvenience.


Digital Team

"The Tremayne was built in 1906 by John Readhead & Sons of South Shields for the Hain Steamship Co. Ltd of St Ives, Cornwall. She was a steel steamship of 3881 gross tons, a typical tramp steamer of the day.

In 1926 she was sold by Hain's (by then part of the P&O group) to the Kingdom Steamship Co. Ltd of London and renamed Collingdale; it was in this guise that she was lost at Melilla.

If you want further details on the ship, I would advise you to contact the Cornwall Archives at Truro to consult the entry for the ship in the statutory shipping register of the port of St Ives, and also the St Ives Museum, which has an extensive collection of material relating to the Hain company.

You could also contact the Tyne & Wear Archives in Newcastle to see what material there might be on the ship in their John Readhead collection; this would be the most likely location for a plan if such a document has survived.

All of the above organisations are to be found readily via Google.

I hope that this information is of use to you."

Sara Huws Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
24 Ionawr 2017, 09:14

Hi Jose

Thank you for your enquiry - that's really exciting! I will ask our curator to get back to you. You might also find that there will be information in the Lloyds Register of Shipwrecks.

Many thanks for your interest,

Digital Team

23 Ionawr 2017, 13:18

We are searching for any information of this ship, Tremayne (1906). We have found the shiwreck on Melilla, Spain and need any informatión about it. The ship sank April 12, 1927. Can you send me a bigger picture of the ship?

Thank you.

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