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Glofa Nine Mile Point, Cwmfelinfach

GRIFFIN, Chris (1945 - )

Glofa Nine Mile Point, Cwmfelinfach

Dyddiad: 1988

Cyfrwng: print a golchiad ar bapur

Maint: 160 x 194 mm

Derbyniwyd: 1990; Rhodd

Rhif Derbynoli: 90.7I/8


Duncan Harding
2 Medi 2021, 09:26
My grandfather Evan Arthur HARDING died in January 1948 after an accident in Nine Mile Point. He was taken to Caerphilly Miners Hospital where he passed away. I was born in October that same year.
Selwyn Morgan
5 Mai 2021, 23:19
In response to Jean Holgate's question:
Find your way to Pentwynmawr, between Newbridge and Pontllanfraith, not far from Blackwood. Near Sainsbury's there is a roundabout with a road sign to Mynyddislwyn. If you Follow that road (watch for the bends) on the right hand side you will come to New Bethel chapel. Good hunting!
Diane Mousley
4 Mai 2021, 14:47
It is lovely to read these stories. My grandfather Llewellyn Winfield, who died in 1965 aged 77 worked at Nine Mile Point. I am not sure what his job was but I know he was given a clock when he retired from there and we have a photograph of a group of miners playing cards with their faces still black with coal. My mother and her 8 brothers and sisters were all born in Station Road, Ynysddu.
John barnett
31 Mawrth 2021, 09:35
Although i am from bethesda in north wales, my great grandfather was also born here and was a quarryman in the penrhyn quarry.However sometime between 1900-1903 he walked out of the quarry with hundreds of other quarry men in what was called the big or the great strike. My great grandfather walked to cwmfelinfach from bethesda in search of work. He found work in nine mile point colliery and met my great gran Rose suter in cwmfelinfach. They married and had 5 children. My grandfather cyril thomas was the oldest of the brothers and the family lived in no 9 william street in cwmfelinfach. Although my family came back to bethesda my grandfather had cousins living in cwmfelinfach i believe were dennis and olwen suter and i feel cwmfelinfach and the colliery was a significant part in my family history.
jean Holgate
4 Mawrth 2021, 03:46
My mother was brought up in Cwmfelinfach at no; 51 Islwyn Street
Her name was Olga Morgan and her date of birth was 22nd December 1906. One of her sisters was Vera whose daughter Olga went to Cwmfelinfach School.
Her grandfather was Theophilus Morgan and he worked down the mine as a lampman. I think it must have been Nine Mile Point.
Theophilus' wife was Elizabeth
who passed away December26 1940. She was interred at New Bethel cemetery 30 December 1940.
Does anyone know where this cemetery is please?
Richard Harding
17 Rhagfyr 2020, 18:44
My Great Grandfather's nephew, Evan Arthur Harding, died at West Pit Nine Mile Point Colliery on 30th January 1948.
William Royston Cullen
12 Tachwedd 2020, 19:26
Lovely to read all these stories. My dad also worked in Nile mile point, lost the sight in one eye because of pit accident. I was Born and bred in Melin street, Cwmfelinfach into a big family ( 13) of us kids. My brother still lives in the house I was born in 72yrs ago.
My brother just sent me some videos and photos of the Dingle area be on the edge of the village. Have lived in Liverpool for over 34yrs. Miss the village a lot.
Sarah Gould
3 Hydref 2020, 19:49
My granddad, Bill Pierce, his brother, Tommy, father, Robert, uncle Paiser Morgan and his two grandfathers, Thomas Morgan and Thomas Pierce all worked in Rock Vein, Nine Mile Point between 1895 ish and 1929. Robert was killed as a result of a pit prop smashing into his chest in April 1924. He was 39.

Mum and I are really proud to be descended from Welsh miners!

Sarah, North Wales
Wendy Nicholls
1 Mawrth 2020, 08:10
So lovely to hear your stories. My father Henry (Harry) Clewer was born in Islwyn Street Cwmfelin in 1922. He worked in the pit from the age of 14 until the War. My Mother Veronica(Haynes) was originally from Risca but moved to Wattsville later. I visited Wattsville and Cwmfelin many times in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s but have lost contact with my relatives since. Even though I was born in the West Midlands part of me belongs in South Wales.
Chris lofty
6 Rhagfyr 2018, 21:09
Hi, I just came across your web entry whilst researching my maternal roots. My grandfather was a miner at nine mile point, he went into the mine age 13 until it closed. We used to spend our holidays at their house Beechwood Avenue, Wattsville, my brother and I loved our visits there, it was great watching the trains come into the coal yard from the bedroom window. My grandad was a lovely man, he used to take me and my brother for walks up the mountain at the back, and Machen mountain on the other side of the valley. I recently revisited Wattsville, the house is still there as I remembered it, it was very nostalgic. When my grandad retired they moved nearer to my parents in Buckinghamshire, the locals in the Village pub loved his mining stories!
My Grandadparents names were Herbert and Alice Edmunds, unfortunately there was nobody about in Beechwood Avenue who were around when they lived there, my brother and I used to stay there in the mid 50’s early 60’s.
Kind regards

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