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“Napoleon III”, locomotif 2-4-0 y Llanelly Railway & Dock Co.

photographer unknown

Dyddiad: late 19th century

Cyfrwng: ffotograff

Maint: 147 x 203 mm

Derbyniwyd: 1938; Rhodd

Rhif Derbynoli: 38.57/28

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Sara Huws Staff Amgueddfa Cymru
14 Ionawr 2015, 15:06

Hi there Ian,

Thanks for your enquiry. I will pass this comment on to the curator of 'Images of Industry' and post his response here when I receive it.


Ian Stubbs
13 Ionawr 2015, 11:35
My Grt, Grt Grandfather William Stubbs was an engineer on the LRDC in the 1840s. I have a copy of his business card which shows a locomotive "Napoleon". Could this be Napoleon 1 and if so is there a picture anywhere that could corroborate this?
Ian Stubbs
Graham Davies
26 Tachwedd 2014, 13:47
The above engine was built by Kitsons in May 1868 (Wks No 1510).
On 31st October 1868 a tyre on one of the leading wheels broke and the engine become derailed and several passengers were injured.
The Llanelly Railway was taken over by the Great Western Railway on 1st January 1873 (but not amalgamated until 1st July 1889).
Napoleon III was rebuilt at Wolverhampton GW Works in June 1892 and it as shown above. Finally withdrawn in December 1906 it had a final mileage (from 1870) of 720,253.
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